Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tori Nelson " The Champion "

A champion isn't just defined as an accomplishment that one does in the sport they excel in. It takes more than just being a great athlete to be a champion. It's what you do outside of the sport you excel in that makes you a complete champion. Tori Nelson was a champion before she ever thought of being an athlete. She is a single mother of two teenage children and works three jobs to support her family. Boxing was just an added feature Tori added to her life. She puts her all into everything she does and it shows in the ring. Her day starts as early as 4am and sometimes doesn't end until 2am the next day. Being teenagers the kids understand what their mom is trying to do, and that is to provide the best life possible for them. In 2010 Tori became a Professional Boxer. With her trainer and manager Craig Fladager they worked very hard to be the best. Tori only has seven fights as a professional. What makes that number 7 stand out the most is the number 2. Tori is a 2 title holder Middleweight Champion. On July 29,2011 for the 5th fight of her career she went to Trinidad and defeated Lorissa Rivas for the vacant WBC title. This is World Title number 1. Then on February 11, 2012 at the Patriot Center in Fairfax VA Tori defeated Vashon Living for the vacant WIBA title. For a person as busy as Tori someone can find it hard to believe that she has time to work 3 jobs, take care of 2 kids and be a 2 Title World Champion. Tori says "It's only by the grace of GOD that this is all possible".
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ty Barnett Climbing The Ladder

On his way to the top Ty Barnett had to face another tough and much needed opponent Robert "Don't Lose" Daluz. Barnett said he wasn't going to predict a knock out but that's what he got. From the beginning of the fight Barnett was bring the fight to Daluz putting pressure on him the entire time. Daluz was getting hit to the body with hard punishing shots that dropped him to the canvas. It looked as if Daluz had the wind knocked completely out of him. The bout was stopped by the referee 1:18 into round 7. This brings Ty Barnett's record to a eye catching 20-2 (13KO's). Robert Daluz is a ring veteran of 56 fights. Even after being on the losing end of those 56 fights he only was stopped 4 times in his career before losing to Barnett. This statistic is what makes this a good victory for Barnett.  
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