Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Boxing Russell Family Media Day Workout Quotes!


"My weight is perfect. We did a 30-day weigh-in and I was about 132. I'm about 128 right now. I feel comfortable. If we can't get a unification bout, I'll move up in weight though. I understand why people haven't wanted to fight me. It's a business and I understand that.

"The postponement didn't bother me. I can't get upset about stuff that I can't control. When you have two elite athletes pushing themselves to the limit, injuries occur. It gave me more time to rest my body properly. We're definitely ready now.

"I haven't fought anyone as short as him, but that's the purpose of training camp. We bring people in who have a similar style to Escandon. We've gotten great work in and I feel prepared.

"It's easier against a more aggressive guy. It's hard to go after someone who is retreating. He's going to bring it right into my face.

"We come to the gym and grind every day so we can be the best we possibly can. On fight night, it'll all come to fruition.

"It's going to be history in the making. We're in familiar territory with making history. We were the first set of four brothers to win the National Golden Gloves and I don't see anyone breaking our record any time soon. I believe in a dynasty and I'm excited for my dad to see all of his hard work come together on fight night.

 "When you focus on the magnitude of an event you take away from the true focus that we're supposed to have. My goal is to become victorious. But it's definitely cool that the people from my hometown will be able to be a part of the event."


"We plan on giving our father a gift that he can't buy on his birthday May 20. There's been a lot of sets of two brothers but there's never been three as far as I know. There have been the Klitschkos, the Dirrells and the Charlos, but those are just two. We're breaking new ground.

"This sport is brutal. Anyone who steps into that ring has to have a certain amount of intelligence, heart and character. It takes a different kind of individual to get in there alone knowing the other person is trying to take your head off.

"Gary Jr. is my vision. I needed a role model and there he is. I needed someone to keep my humble and keep me out of trouble.

"Me and my whole family talk a lot and about everything. Not just about the sport of boxing. Boxing is what I do, but it's not who I am. I'm a class valedictorian and I graduated with the highest GPA in Prince George's County. Don't just look at me as a jock. That's what we tell anybody.

"Real estate is in my future. We're going to own our own properties and be the shot callers. I've been getting educated from my brother and my father.

"It's amazing what my dad did, but you can't forget about my mom. Behind every king is a strong queen. My mom is the most important woman in my life. Other than that, it's tunnel vision. Tunnel vision in school and in the gym or anything else I do in my life.

"I want to give back to my brother. A lot of families leave their children with nothing. We're all working to leave something with substance for our families.

"What makes the Russell brothers different is that we're all equal and we get our energy from each other. It's never about being better at something than your brother, we all want to get through every obstacle together.

"I'd say I should be on the world title level in the next five years. This is a business. We're going to do this well. That's what my team talks about.

"We're looking to build a dynasty and I believe that May 20 will be a memento to our dynasty building. I hope I'm at the championship level in the next five years. We're going to run this thing correctly."


"It means a lot but it was all expected. We put in hard work in the gym so I expected us to reach these levels.

"It's even better to be able to come home and compete. Not all of our fans could make it to our other fights. But being at MGM in Maryland, it's all coming together.

"I watch everything that my older brother does and I learn from his mistakes. He makes sure that I don't make those same mistakes. He critiques me every way, through life and in the gym.

"My career is going up. I know my father has my best interest at heart. He's going to get me the right fights and put me in good positions.

"There is a sense of order in our house. Iron sharpens iron. We all help each other no matter what. We'll all be victorious on May 20 and it's going to be a wonderful birthday present for our dad."

GARY RUSSELL SR., Father and Trainer for the Russell brothers

"The D.C. and Maryland area has always produced great boxers. Right now it's their time. With Gary, Jarrett Hurd and Gervonta Davis, this is as good as it's ever been. They represent the sport as gentlemen.

"Gary Antuanne is coming in fresh off of the Olympics. We know he won that fight in Rio, but politics got him. He's not a normal young fighter. He was a class valedictorian which I don't think a lot of boxers can say. Antonio has a lot of talent as well and he's on the rise. It's going to be a great opportunity to show their skills.

"I'm really excited. It's unique to have all of these guys from the area showcasing their talent at the same time. I've known Jarrett and Tank since they were kids and I'm proud of how far they've come."

Weights From Glen Burnie, Maryland!

Don Wallace 162.2
Gregory Clark 160.6

Drayvontay Rawls 141.6
Evgueny Metchenov 137.8

Matthew Bowling 133.8
Dwayne Martin 133.2

Craig Callen 145.2
Howard Thompson 148.2

Desmond Townes 181.4
Martez Williamson 182.8

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Kell Brook vs Errol Spence Quotes


“This is amazing – my uncle would bring me here when I was 6 and now I am fighting here as world champion. I’m so happy. There was no way I was going to vacate. It’s taken a long time to get this title and it was hard to become world champion. When people were saying to move up it made me dig my heels in.

“I’ve got a great team around me who will get me to the weight correctly. I’m no novice, I’ve been doing this a long time. I’ll stay disciplined and meticulous to be 100 percent on the night. And add the energy from the fans, I’ll be unstoppable here.

“He’s being hyped in the U.S., but we’ve seen it before. He beat (Chris) Algieri and (Leonard) Bundu, but he’s never fought an animal like me. I want to beat Spence and wipe out the rest of the division. If this guy is the next big thing then the fans will be in for a thrilling night because I am going to bring the heat.

“I took a lot from the GGG (Gennady Golovkin) fight. I stood there and had it out with him. I’m the biggest 147-pounder out there and I will be bullying them all. I’m too fast, strong and fit, and I will unify the division after beating Spence. There’s only one ‘Truth’ in this fight – and that’s that he’s going to get beat.”


“This is the fight I’ve waited a long time for, to fulfill a lifelong opportunity to win a world title. Kell is a good fighter, but I feel I’m the best 147 in the world and I’ll prove it.

“I want to take the title from a champion, and a true champion like Kell, and doing it in his backyard like he did it is the best way to show I am the best.

“I’ve sparred with great fighters and gone toe-to-toe, I’ve got the skills to win this. I’ve shown patience to get here and now I’m right at the door. I’m strong, fast and hit hard too – I’m a big welterweight.

“Thirty-thousand Brits? Bring it on. I’ve been here many times and I love it here. It’ll be different as a pro, but these are the stages you dream of.”

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

"Mr." Gary Russell Jr And Brothers Host Media Workout!

Featherweight World Champion Gary Russell Jr. To Host

Washington, D.C. Area Media Workout Along with Brothers &

Rising Prospects Gary Antuanne Russell &

Gary Antonio Russell

The Enigma Boxing Gym - Thursday, May 11 at 1 p.m. ET

Russell Jr. Headlines SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING Against Oscar Escandon Saturday, May 20 from MGM National Harbor in Maryland on SHOWTIME

WHO:              GARY RUSSELL JR., WBC Featherweight World Champion

                        GARY ANTUANNE RUSSELL, 2016 U.S. Olympian

                        GARY ANTONIO RUSSELL, Unbeaten Bantamweight                                       Prospect

WHAT:         Gary Russell Jr. will be joined by his younger brothers, Gary

Antuanne Russell and Gary Antonio Russell, for a D.C.-area media workout ahead of their respective bouts on Saturday, May 20 from MGM National Harbor in Maryland.

Russell Jr. will defend his featherweight world title against Oscar Escandon in the main event of SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING.

WHEN:          Thursday, May 11

                        12:30 p.m. ET - Media Arrival

                        1:00 p.m. ET - Workout Begins

WHERE:        The Enigma Boxing Gym

                        9100 Edgeworth Drive

                        Capitol Heights, Maryland

TICKETS:   Tickets for the May 20 event, which is promoted by TGB

Promotions, are priced at $200, $150, $100 and $50, and are now on sale. To purchase tickets go to

INFO:           Gary Russell Jr. vs. Oscar Escandon is a featherweight world

championship showdown that headlines SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING on Saturday, May 20 from MGM National Harbor in Maryland.

Televised coverage begins on SHOWTIME at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT and features super middleweight contenders Andre Dirrell and Jose Uzcategui in a matchup for the Interim IBF Super Middleweight World Championship plus two-division world champion Rances Barthelemy in a WBA 140-pound world title eliminator against Kiryl Relikh. In the telecast opener, from Copper Box Arena in London, Gervonta Davis puts his IBF Jr. Lightweight Title on the line against Liam Walsh.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Canelo Alvarez Wins By Shutout Over Chavez Jr., Post-Fight Quotes!

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr:

“I wanted to box but he went to the ropes and I just needed to throw more punches. I would’ve attacked more I would’ve been countered by his punches. Nacho told me to do that but the strategy didn’t work. The speed and the distance was the key. I didn’t feel that much power because I felt dwindled, I couldn’t throw as many punches as I wanted. My father kept telling me to throw more punches from the ringside.”

Canelo Alvarez:

“Tonight I showed I could move, I could box, I showed as a fighter I can do all things,” Canelo says through a translator. “I thought I was going to showcase myself as a fighter that could throw punches, but he just wouldn’t do it. I’ve shown I can do lots of things in the ring, anything a fighter brings – I’ve shown I can showcase myself. I wanted to try something new, I never sit down in sparring and I didn’t want to sit here. GGG – you are next my friend. The fight is done. I’ve never feared anyone, since I was 16 fighting as a professional. When I was born, fear was gone. I never got my share of fear. I’m very happy, and the rivalry is going to show my skills even more. I’ve had difficult fights, and that will no doubt be a tough fight. But, I always say, Canelo Álvarez is the best because I fight the best.”