Saturday, March 9, 2019

Results From The Jeter Promotions Card At The Live! Casino/Hotel Event Center In Hanover, MD!

Nicholson Stops Nicklow In First Round For Maryland State Championship!

(Photos by Daniel Cork)

In front of a sold out crowd at Live! Casino in Hanover, MD, on a Jeter Promotions card, super middleweight Demond "D Best At It" Nicholson of Laurel, MD scored a first-round TKO over Jessie "The Beast" Nicklow of Baltimore, MD to win the Maryland State Super Middleweight title.

Glenarden, MD lightweight Drayvontay Speed Rawls register a third-round TKO over Elkridge, MD's "The Red Comet" Dante Cox in the co-feature of this card.

Undefeated Bowie, MD super lightweight Greg "Sharpshooter" Outlaw and Tyrone "Butterfly" Crawley, Jr. of Philadelphia, PA resulted in a no contest after just  two minutes into the first round.

AJ "We Are" Williams of Baltimore, MD won by third-round TKO over DC's Dameron "Bruiser" Kirby in a super middleweight bout.

Featherweight Malik "Lil' Leak" Loften of Suitland, MD captured a four-round split decision over the debuting Ebrima Jawara of Germantown, MD. 

Baltimore, MD lightweight Brandon Chambers made his professional debut against Christopher "Bad Boy" Haney of Glendale Heights, IL where they fought to a four-round draw.

In a eight-round heavyweight bout of familiar faces Newport News, VA's Jerry "Slug" Forrest won unanimous decision over Grover Young of Memphis, TN. This was the third time these two faced each other.

Brooklyn, NY super welterweight prospect Radzhab "The Python" Butaev scored a 1:48 third round knocked out over veteran Lanardo "Pain Server" Tyner of Detroit, MI in the opening bout of the card. 

For full details of each bout go to the Boxing Along The Beltway link below.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Weights For Jeter Promotions Card In Hanover, Maryland!

(Photos by Daniel Cork)

10 Round 
(Maryland State Super Middleweight Championship)
Demond Nichols 168 vs Jessie Nicklow 166.2

8 Round
Jerry Forrest 233.6 vs Grover Young 241

6 Round
Donald Wallace 181.2 vs Lawerence Blakey 165.4 (Wallace has to weigh-in again tomorrow)

6 Round
Greg Outlaw 140.6 vs Tyrone Crawley 140.2

6 Round
Dante Cox 134.8 vs Dravontay Speed Rawls 131.6

8 Round
Radzhad Butaev  150 vs Lanardo Tyner 148.4

4 Round
AJ Williams 166.8 vs Dameron Kirby 171.2

4 Round
Ebrima Jawara 125 vs Malik Loften 126

4 Round
Brendan Chambers 133.2 vs Christopher Haney 135.6

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Quotes From Peterson Brothers Media Day Workout!


On his fight against Lipinets...
"I always have an idea of how it's going to go, but we're prepared for whatever. I think overall it should be a fun fight."

On his 14-month layoff...
"I wanted to rest the body. It's been a long career. I've been boxing for 25 years, doing it professionally for 15 years, pretty much straight through. Only injuries have held me back. I just wanted to take some time to relax, and if my body was able to recover and come back close to what I was or better, then I was going to go on.

"I feel rested and good now and just took some time to learn my body more. I want to get better, though. If I lose, then that means the game is asking more from me. So, I have to give it more if I say I want to be at the top and one of the best fighters."

On fighting in front of his hometown crowd on March 24...
"It's been a while, so it'll be a good feeling to be fighting back at home. For the first time ever, I'll be fighting on a card, my brother is fighting on the card and my nephew is fighting on the card. I knew this day would probably happen, but I'm happy that it's this time around."


On his March 24 opponent...
"Argenis Méndez is a world-class fighter. I like his style and he's a good dancing partner. He doesn't shy away from work. He's not awkward, he's going to be there. And if you look at the list he's fought the better caliber of fighters. He's been on the world-class stage before, and that's going to be good for me to knock him off. What I want to do is go in there, put on an outstanding performance and make a statement that I deserve that world championship."

On his 14-month layoff and always staying ready...
"I stay in shape. I don't have any kids. I'm not a clubber, or anything like that. If you follow me on Instagram, I'm in the gym every day twice a day motivating people. Even in the streets, I try to get people to workout because there's health issues out here with people having strokes, heart attacks, high cholesterol and high blood pressure at the age of 30. That's staggering to me. So, I try to do my part to help out, get in shape and be positive."

On working with WBC Welterweight Champion Shawn Porter during training camp...
"It was beautiful. Shawn brought a different type of energy. He's a real good guy, very spiritual and positive. Nothing negative to say and he's always in a good mood. He never complains or talks back to the coaches. He showed a good example of how a champion is supposed to handle himself."

BARRY HUNTER, Trainer of the Peterson Brothers

On the significance of March 24 for both Peterson brothers...
"March 24 is going to be big and it means a lot because a win for Lamont would put him right back in the thick of the running with the top of the 147-pounders. For Anthony, this is a long time coming. Myself, like so many others, thought he deserved a shot a long time ago. Nevertheless, your time is your time. So, he's going to go out there and take care of business on the 24th and that should put him in line for a world title fight."

On Lipinets...
"I think he's a good, durable fighter, but I don't think he's special. I think that he's a guy that does a lot of things well. And he fights in the Eastern European style, which is a style that Lamont faced a lot in the amateurs. I think he's a good guy, but I just don't think there's anything special about him."

On Méndez...
"I have a lot of love for Méndez. He's a good man. In fact, him and Lamont hung out together at a basketball game years ago. He's definitely a solid fighter. He was a good amateur fighter, very skillful and a win against Méndez would put Anthony in line for a world title shot because he's a former world champion."

Peterson Brothers Media Day Workout Photos!

 (Photos by Juan Marshall)

Bout Sheet For 2019 Washington Golden Gloves Semi Finals!

Here is the bout sheet that will kick off the first night of semifinal competition of the 2019 Washington Golden Gloves Tournament being held on Saturday, March 9th at Rosecroft Raceway in Fort Washington, MD.

Bouts starts at 7:30pm.

Junior Division:

14, 123 Pounds (Championship):  Gabriel White (MVJ Athletics) vs. Alan Villegas-Tello (Champions)

16, 143 Pounds (Championship): Titus Ashe (Uppercut Gym) vs. Jeremiah Searcy (Simon Brown)

14-15, 175 (Championship):  Carlo Flowers (Dog Pound) vs. Dennis Panfilov (Urban Boxing)

17N, 152 (Championship):  Jeff Lorzo (MVJ Athletics) vs. Christian Hamilton (Champions)

Unopposed Champions:

13, 106 Pounds (Female): Caroline Cruigigshank (Mad House)

16, 179 Pounds: Jonathan Buelna (Sugar Ray Leonard)

13, 152 Pounds:  Powizikeo Melton (Mack Lewis)

15, 154 Pounds:  Tyler Carlisle (Club Mantis)

13, 164 Pounds:  Damion Williams (Sharpshooters)

16, 123 Pounds:  Renard Alexander (Hit Squad)

17, 141 Pounds (Female): Mary Hammond (Club Mantis)

Novice Division:

114 Pounds:  Kolin Shrewsbury (NOMIS) vs. Emanuel Burroughs (Old School)

123 Pounds:  Anthony Kareem (Cherry Lane) vs. Josh Cockey (Loch Raven)

132 Pounds:  Elonte Kemp (Limelite) vs. Jack Leydon (Floyd's Gym)

141 Pounds:  Ricardo Tello-Tepehua (Main Street) vs. Tre'von Wells (Dream Team)

141 Pounds:  Jorrel Fredricks (Cherry Lane) vs. Devante Alexander (Knowledge Boxing)

152 Pounds:  Markee Stokes (UMAR) vs. Antonio Brothers (Knowledge Boxing)

152 Pounds:  Sampson Hayes (Diamonds N The Ruff) vs. Stepfon Jordan (Champions)

165 Pounds:  Tremaine Fuller (Knowledge Boxing) vs. Juan Melendez (Laurel)

165 Pounds (Female, Championship): Jordan Lykes (Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Mary Frank (MVJ Athletics)

165 Pounds:  Michael Wright (Upton) vs. Michael Hines (#11 Overcomers)

178 Pounds:  Alvin Amana (Sugar Ray Leonard) vs. Walter Sanders (Sweet Science)

201 Pounds:  Stephen Kenion (Uppercut) vs. Damian Pringle (NOMIS)

201+ Pounds:  Ricardo Volcin (Old School) vs. Jonathan Williams (Dog Pound)

201+ Pounds:  Joshua Dawson (NOMIS) vs. Steven Sparks (Mad House)

201+ Pounds:  Jamie Joyner (Time 2 Grind) vs. Ismael Romero (#11 Overcomers)

Open Division:

114 Pounds:  Albert Sostre (Headbangers) vs. Kameron Rick-Holmes (Dream Team)

123 Pounds:  Brient Rodriguez (Champions) vs. D'Jon Brown (NOMIS)

123 Pounds:  Christopher Glenn (Hagerstown) vs. Dwayne Holmes, Jr. (Sugar Ray Leonard)

123 Pounds:  Elliott Strickland (Sugar Ray Leonard) vs. James Cranford (Hillcrest)

132 Pounds:  Ullies Castaneda (Main Street) vs. Isaiah Harris (Dog Pound)

141 Pounds:  Wilfredo Avelar (Sugar Ray Leonard) vs. Jordan Hunter (Keystone)

141 Pounds:  Ahmad Jones (UMAR) vs. Ronte Garrison (Upton)

152 Pounds:  Deont'e Washington (Diamonds N The Ruff) vs. Enrico Williams (Upton)

165 Pounds:  Keon Burroughs (Headbangers) vs. Yohannes Rezene (Sugar Ray Leonard)

165 Pounds:  Jeff Bozier (Upton) vs. Umar Ali (Sugar Ray Leonard)

165 Pounds:  Mansabory Conde (Unattached) vs. Travon Marshall (Sugar Ray Leonard)

201 Pounds:  Ezri Turner (Headbangers) vs. Tyler Langer (Mack Lewis)

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Results From The 2019 Washington Golden Gloves Tournament Preliminary Bouts!

Here are the 2019 Washington Golden Gloves Tournament winners from yesterday's preliminary bouts that are advancing to semifinals on Saturday, March 9th at Rosecroft beginning at 7:30 PM.

Junior Division:

13, 125 Pounds (Championship):  David Whitmore (Next-Up) over Yeshaya Franklin (Hagerstown)

13, 110 Pounds (Championship):  Patrick O'Conner (Oxon Hill) over Musa Robinson (G-Up Nation)

11, 123 Pounds (Championship):  Melvin Pougove (Tony's Athletic) wins by walkover

15-16, 132 Pounds (Championship):  Kennef Garcia (1st State) over Matthew Jiang (Ground Control)

11, 143 Pounds: Titus Ashe (Uppercut Gym) over Jacob Epstein (Ground Control)

Novice Division:`

123 Pounds:  Demarco Kennedy (Champions) over Elijah Lamar (Headbangers)

132 Pounds:  Terrence Smith (Sweet Science) over Yovonni Morales (Unattached)

132 Pounds:  Elonte Kemp (Limelite) over Keyshawn Williams (Deanwood)

17, 152 Pounds: Christian Hamilton (Champions) wins by walkover

152 Pounds (Female): Bria Miller (Dog Pound) over Mary Evan (MVJ Athletics)

152 Pounds: Sampson Hayes (Diamonds N The Ruff) over Marqueen Jones, III (Deanwood)

152 Pounds:  Antonio Brothers (Knowledge Boxing) over Ibrahim Toure (MVJ Athletics)

152 Pounds:  Eric Middleton (NOMIS) over Eric Redd (Sugar Ray Leonard)

152 Pounds:  Stefon Jordan (Champions) wins by walkover

165 Pounds:  Stephan Burden (American Muay Thai) over David Hevi (Unattached)

165 Pounds:  Tremaine Fuller (Knowledge Boxing) over Charles Clagett (Keystone Boxing)

165 Pounds:  Michael Wright (Upton) over  D'Lante Briscoe (Knowledge Boxing)

Open Division:

123 Pounds:  Dwayne Holmes, Jr. (Sugar Ray Leonard) over Jaqueen Hutcherson (Hillcrest)

123 Pounds:  Shakell Daly (Diamonds N The Ruff) Chamar Flowers (Unattached)

132 Pounds: Blaze Fidler (Hillcrest) over Romello Webster (NOMIS)

141 Pounds:  Malik Warren (Upton) over Joshua Lee (Time 2 Grind)

152 Pounds:  Steven Jackson (Hillcrest) wins by walkover

152 Pounds: Deonte' Washington (Diamonds N The Ruff) over David Baker (Laurel)

165 Pounds:  Keon Burroughs (Headbangers) over Aaron Vanya (Georgetown Boxing)

165 Pounds:  Yohannes Rezene (Sugar Ray Leonard) over Vincent Goedecke (#11 Overcomers)