Friday, May 25, 2012

Philadelphia travels to Baltimore

Featured Bouts

Jerome Featherstone Vs Darius Vann   East Coast Championship
Joey Veazy Vs Steven Valentin
A.J.Williams Vs Bobby Sha
P.J.Pross Vs Ryan Morton
Omar Barnes Vs Jonathon Acosa
Joe Perez Vs Logan Trout
Chuponn Vs Angel Ortiz

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Jake Smith
Baltimore Boxing Promotions

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Keystone Boxing Promotions

                                                                              June 16
                                                             Keystone Boxing Promotions
                                                         Du Burns Arena, Baltimore, Maryland

                                                                         Featured Fighters
                                                                   Venroy July 10-0-2 (4KO's)

                                                                   Nick Kisner 10-0-1 (5KO's)

                                                               James Stevenson 15-0 (10KO's)

                                                                     Harold Parker  1-0 (1KO)

                                                                        Renaldo Gaines 2-0

                                                                  Brady Sensibaugh 
                                                                  Pro Debut
                                                                    Jeremy Trussell 
                                                                  Pro Debut
                                                                      Others TBA

                                                                   Media Coverage

                                        Gary Digital Williams, Boxing Along The Beltway
                                                       Juan Marshall, ProAmFightTalk      
                                                        Alec Kohut,

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tony Jeter the Business Man and the Fighter

The 36 year old Jeter has been fighting as a professional since 2001. He has a record of 13-3-1.  9 of the wins are by KO. Talking to Jeter he understands the sport of boxing very well. He has his eyes set on the business side after a few more years or of  fighting. He already has been promoting both amateur and professional fight cards and says he will focus even more on promoting when he stops fighting. Tony and his wife Christen who is also his best friend and owner of Club One Fitness in Millersville, Maryland are doing a great job keeping the gym going. Club One Fitness is a top notch training facility located at 1131 Benfield Blvd ste. M-Q, Millersville, Md 21108. It is also the location where Jeter host most of the fight cards he promotes. Jeter Promotions will be hosting a amateur fight card at Club One Fitness on June 16, 2012. This is a week before Tony's next fight on June 23, 2012 in Virginia.

                                                             Click on link below to see full interview:

Thomas "KO" Snow Heads to Florida

Thomas Snow 15-1 (9KO's) talked about signing with a new promotion company ( Carl King ) and how fast they are putting him to work. On June 23, 2012 at the Hard Rock Cafe and Casino in Hollywood Florida he will have his next fight. Snow was asked about the opponent he was fighting against and his trainer Hershel Hall said his name is Ernie Marquez. Marquez has 21 fights and Snow is ready to give him his 22nd. 

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Byarm Seeks Out WBC United States Title

                                                      Click on link below to see interview:
The New Hope Gym in Seat Pleasant, Maryland is the location where Maurice "Freight Train" Byarm spends most of the day training. Half of his day is split into two training sessions. In the morning he is their with his team of trainers that put together more than 80 years of boxing knowledge. Well known and veteran trainer Adrian Davis, Hywotha Summers and manager Mike Harris. Byarm sometimes finishes the day getting his miles of running in or visits another gym to put in a few rounds of sparring. At today's visit to the gym I asked Byarm about his first loss to Bryant Jennings back in January of this year. He said " That fight was a loss on my record but it was a win for his career." That fight opened doors for Maurice because that was a fight that both Jennings and Byarm needed to take the next step of fighting better opponents and get more noticed as heavyweight fighters.
                                        Click on link below to view first round KO of Jason Freeman:

                                                                   Shadow boxing Video
When Maurice isn't training he is home playing video games or supporting other local fighters whenever he has the opportunity  to. He talked about all the local talent in the DMV and said he still can't understand why this area isn't on the map as one of the best areas for boxing. When it's time for his next fight on July 6, 2012 in Lav Vegas, he says he will be more than ready and bring everything he has to Abdusalamov. 

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