Saturday, August 8, 2015

Exciting Night Of Amateur Boxing "Inside The Gates" Of Barry Farms, Home Of The Goodman League!

The Washington D.C., and Maryland organization in charge of amateur boxing, (PVA) Potomac Valley Association put together another great event that had the crowd on it's feet throughout the night. This event was called "Inside The Gates".

The event was held on the outside basketball court of Barry Farms located in S.E., Washington, D.C. The courts of Barry Farms is popular for the summer basketball tournament called the Goodman League. The George Goodman Basketball League has been in existence for thirty-six years. The league began in 1975 with the assistance of Mr. Ervin Brady, Mr. Carlton Reed and Mr. Morty Hammonds. The league was first titled the Barry Farms Community Basketball League and it hosts some of the greatest basketball talent across the country. The league is currently headed by Miles Rawls, Commissioner and play-by-play commentator.

For the past few years the PVA has decided to present amateur boxing to the already huge crowd that supported basketball. That decision turned out to be a very good one. This year the "Inside The Gates" amateur show was a show to remember. The kids came from different loctions of the east coast to be a part of the event. They included Providence, RI, Philadelphia, PA, Baltimore, MD, parts of Prince Georges County, MD, and Springfield, VA.

There were two bouts that stood out the most. They featured Troy Isley, Jalonte Cole out of the ABC Gym in Springfield, VA  and two brothers Brian and Tommy Avelar out of the Sugar Ray Leonard Gym from Palmer Park, MD. The bout that stole the show was former Junior Olympic National champion Troy Isley of ABC defeating  Brian Avelar in a 150 lb. contest.

video above
150 lb 16 - 17 age group
Troy Isley (ABC Boxing Gym) defeated Brian Avelar (Sugar Ray Leonard Gym)

Full results from "Inside The Gates"

80 lb. 11 - 12 age group
Jamal Harvey (Oxon Hill BGC) Defeated Quadir Matthews (Upton Gym)

200+ Novice Division
Nathaniel Copeland (Old School Boxing) defeated Jahid Hines (Upton Gym)

200+  Novice Division
Timothy Crawford  (Sugar Ray Leonard) defeated Ralph Alexander (Keystone Boxing)

119 lb. 14 - 15 age group
Keith Cooke ( No Excuse Gym) defeated Malcom Lowrey

132 lb Open Division
James Early (Woodland Tigers Boxing) defeated Rashaun Adams out of Philadelphia 

75 lb. 11 - 12 age group
Tyreek Williams (R4W Boxing Gym) defeated Isiah McIllaly 

80 lb. 10 -11 age group
Kaliq Harrison (Keystone Boxing Gym) defeated Jamir Robinson out of Philadelphia

75 lb. 10 - 11 age group
Lonzo Malcom (Untouchable Boxing Gym) defeated Cuttino Oliver (Upton Gym)

75 lb. 10 - 11 age group 
Nasir Shelton (Big 6 Boxing Gym, Providence, RI) defeated Muhammad Robinson (Upton)

150 lb 16 - 17 age group
Troy Isley (ABC Boxing Gym) defeated Brian Avelar (Sugar Ray Leonard Gym)

132 lb. Open Division
Jalonte Cole (ABC GYM) defeated Tommy Avelar (Sugar Ray Leonard Gym)


Calvin Ford was honored at the event by the Potomac Valley Association because of his dedication and loyalty to maintain the opening of his gym that was just a few blocks away from all of the violence that took place in Baltimore back in April. The Upton Gym is a location that provides a place where the area kids can come to stay away from violence and Calvin Ford made sure that the gym continued to be that outlet for the kids of Baltimore. 

More amateur Beltway Boxing continues on Saturday, August 15. A Keystone card will take place at the Oxon Hill Development Center located at 7711 Livingston Road in Oxon Hill, MD.  Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door.  You can call (240) 353-0564 for more information.

Also on Saturday, August 29, there will be the annual cookout/amateur boxing card held by the organization Cease Fire..Don't Smoke The Brothers and Sisters that will take place at the Upshur Recreation Center located at 14th and Arkansas Avenue in Northwest DC.  The cookout will begin at noon and the boxing starts at 3 PM. For more information on this event, call (202) 528-7694.