Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Beltway Boxing Fighters Challenging Themselves To Become Better!

SOME of the Beltway Boxing Area fighters are challenging themselves to see if they really belong in one of the toughest sports called Boxing. They are fighting guys that are on the same level as them or a little above their level. This is the only way they can see if they belong. Promoters and managers are signing these area fighters because  95% of their building days are over. The promoters still give some fighters a soft or medium fight at the beginning of their contract. These kind of fights are in place to keep the fighter active because they may have under ten fights. This move by the promoter will not be considered for every fighter. Being signed doesn't mean you've stepped it up. The true test comes when you're in the ring with an equal opponent. The fighters that have 15 fights or above the promoter looks at that as your building stages are done. That doesn't mean that the promoter will put you in a dog fight from the beginning, but also that doesn't mean the fight will be easy. It's more likely that none the fight will be with a fighter that is on the same level or working his or her way up the ranks at the same pace. 

These fighters that are working their way up are not based on wins, losses, or being televised. It is based on just level of competition. There are plenty of fighters that have fought high quality fighters and even top contenders, along with a few current champions. These fighters might have an under five hundred records, but they went the distance with the best. The same under five hundred fighters are still very currently active and fighting on a high level also would be a dangerous opponent for a rising 12-0 fighter just based on the level of competition. This is why the level of competition is a big issue when it comes to how and when a fighter should step it up. 

The Beltway Boxing area has many fighters that made the decision to turn up their level of competition. Again this is not based on wins, losses and fighting on television. 

ProAmFightTalk's Opinion of fighters that are fighting at another level. 

Gary Russell, Tony Thompson, Thomas Williams, Lamont Peterson, Dominic Wade, (Anthony Peterson has been there) Tori Nelson,(DeMarcus Corley moved up many years ago), Antoine Douglas, Jessie Nicklow, Emmanuel Taylor, Immanuwel Aleem, Mike Reed, Gervonta Davis, Nick Kisner, Alantez Fox, Tony Jeter, Lamont Roach Jr., Jerry Odom, Jarrett Hurd, Demond Nicholson, Myke Fox, Gerome Guigley, James Stevenson, Cecil McCalla, Tyrieshia, Douglas, Scott Sigmon, Phil Jackson, Brandon Quarles, Marq Johns, Thomas Snow, Kevin Womack, Kevin Rivers....

It might be some names on this list that you may feel should or shouldn't be on this list. This is just a list of fighters that I have seen take fights that would challenge them each and every fight moving forward. 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Recap Of Lamont Peterson vs Felix Diaz Jr. On Premier Boxing Champions Card!

Former world champion Lamont Peterson (34-3-1, 17 KOs) defeated Felix Diaz (17-1, 8 KOs) in a hard fought 12 round bout at the Eagle Bank Arena in Fairfax, VA. 

Peterson and Diaz came out with even exchanges, making it hard for each other to establish command of the early rounds. The southpaw, Diaz came out going blow for blow with the former world champion, Peterson, who was showing his patience as a veteran. Diaz began to move more and was able to land a few combinations while avoiding the counter shots from Peterson. 

The quick movement of Diaz wasn't enough to avoid the power shots Peterson was landing to the head and body of the shorter Diaz. This was a back and forward battle, but Peterson was able to win more rounds in this twelve round contest. 

This is how the bout was scored. Judges: Brian Costello 114-114, Mark D'Attilio 116-112, Dorothea Perry 117-111.