Sunday, December 27, 2015

2015 Beltway Boxing Awards Coming Soon!

The 2015 Beltway Boxing Awards are coming soon! Gary Williams "Digital" & I feel that the importance of these awards are to show appreciation to the boxers for their dedication and performances throughout the year. The winners of these awards will be based off of the level of competition that made a noticeable impact on their career, depending on the category. That's why some of this years choices are going be looked at very carefully. This flyer shows a perfect example of an outstanding Beltway Boxer.

This individual made his mark in the world of professional boxing.
Beltway Boxing Fans representing the face of the 2015 Awards is the 2012 INTERNATIONAL BOXING HALL OF FAMER Mark Too Sharp Johnson!

This is a great choice of representation to create this years flyer. Thank you Ross Molovinsky!