Friday, June 2, 2017

Here Are The Results From The PVA Amateur Show At The Howard Theatre!

Pharroh Hamilton (Langdon Rec) defeated Sa'Mari Everette (Baltimore)

Marcell Steele (Keystone) defeated Xavier Rodriguez (Philadephia)

Isaac Riverea ( Philadelphia) defeated Jeremiah Williams (Baltimore)

Mario Rodriguez (New England) defeated Ben Johnson (No Xcuse)

Semaj Alston (Philadelphia) defeated Kardan Chapman (No Xcuse)

Jamal Harvey (Oxon Hill) defeated Cuttino Oliver (Baltimore)

Cardarius Johnson ( Headbangers) defeated Juan Riverea (Philadelphia)

Malik Warren (Baltimore) defeated Gabe Gerena (New Jersey)

Jamir Cope (New Jersey) defeated Leroy Payne (Headbangers)

Deric Davis (Headbangers) defeated Ibrahim Robinson (Baltimore)

Quincy Williams (Lyfe Style) defeated Diego Bengochea (New England)

Jalil Hackett (Enigma) defeated Yasir Harris (Philadelphia)

Nick Sullivan (Norfolk) defeated Tommy Avelar (Sugar Ray Leonard)

Lamar Odom (Lyfe Style) defeated Rashiem Jefferson III (Philadelphia)

Saleem Kelly (New Jersey) defeated Brian Avelar (Sugar Ray Leonard)

Lorenzo Simpson (Balimore) defeated Maurice Winslow (Georgia)

Kevon Cooke (No Xcuse) defeted Joseph Gordon (Keystone)

Max Garland (Headbangers) defeated Stacey Selby (Baltimore)

Here Are The Weights From Rosecroft Raceway in Fort Washington, MD!

Main Event
Mykal Fox 142.4 lbs vs. Daniel Sostre 140.4 lbs


Tyrek Irby 142.4 lbs vs. Brandon Sanudo 142.8 lbs

Greg Outlaw, Jr. 137.2 lbs vs. Mario Perez 137.4 lbs

Justin Hurd 154.8 lbs vs. Alberto Delgado 156.8 lbs

Malik Loften 129.4 lbs vs. Jemour Edwards 129.2 lbs

Jordan Peters 128.2 lbs vs. Bryan Perez-Nevarez 129.0 lbs

Photo credit Keystone Boxing

Travis "Seveer" Reeves Looks To Defend His USBO Light Heavyweight Title!

USBO Light Heavy Weight Champion, Travis "Seveer" Reeves

Travis "Seveer" Reeves (14-2-2), will defend his title Saturday June 17 at Seever Havoc presented by Shabazz Brotherz Boxing.  Revees won the USBO title on November 12, 2016 in a second round knockout against Aaron Quattrocchi. Reeves is currently the Maryland State Cruiserweight Champion as well. 

Junior Olympics Gold Medalist Lorenzo "Truck" Simpson will step into the ring against Ashton "The Goon" Sykes. Seventeen year old Simpson (145-2) is the winner of six Ringside Boxing National Silver Gloves Championships and the nephew of  former Lineal, WBC, IBO, and IBF Heavyweight Champion Hasim Rahman. 

Sharif Rahman, son of Hasim Rahman, will be returning to the ring after an impressive KO during his professional debut in November of 2015.

UBF, and IBA World  Supper Middleweight Champion Tori Nelson (16-3) returns to the ring in Baltimore for the first time in two years. Nelson took both titles in December of 2016 by unanimous decision against Alicia Napoleon. Also returning to the ring is Baltimore native Tyrieshia Douglas (11-1). Douglas is currently the IBA Bantamweight Champion and holds the UBF Flyweight and UBF Bantamweight titles.  

Supper Middleweight Devin Butcher (6-1) will square up against Aidos Yerbossynuly (5-0). Stephon "The Surgeon" Morris (4-0), will step into the ring for the first time since after a majority decision win against DC native Gregory Clark last November.  New to the Shabazz Brotherz Boxing ring is Destiny Day-Owens who is also a native of Baltimore.

Seveer Havoc will take place Saturday June 17, 2017 at the Coppermine Du Burns Arena, 3100 Boston Street in Baltimore, MD. General Admission and VIP seating options are available starting at $40, reserved seats are available for $65, and VIP seats $100.

Tickets are available online at or by phone at 443-377-2505 or 443-825-6342. Doors open at 4:00 pm and the first fight starts at 5:00 PM. 

Doors open at 4:00 pm and the first fight starts at 5:00 PM. All ticket holders 21 years and older are invited to the official after party at Oxygen Ultra Lounge at 10 S Calvert St, Baltimore, MD 21202.

***Since parking can be an issue we encourage patrons to use Lyft. Those new to LYFT can dowload the app and enter the code SEVEERHAVOC to get up to $20 in Lyft Credit to use on their first ride.***

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Miguel Cotto Done With Roc Nation And Signs With Golden Boy Promotions!

Miguel Cotto (40-5, 33 KOs) signs fight deal with Golden Boy Promotions starting with his 12-round bout for the vacant WBO Light Middleweight World Championship against Yoshihiro “El Maestrito” Kamegai (27-3-2, 24 KOs).

The fight will be on Saturday August 26 from Carson, Calif’s StubHub Center and live on HBO World Championship Boxing.

Oscar De La Hoya and Golden Boy Promotion will partner with Cotto and Miguel Cotto Promotions on developing prospects, advancing boxing in Cotto’s Puerto Rico homeland and promoting the boxing legend’s upcoming fights.

“Miguel Cotto is not only a legend in the ring, but on the entire island of Puerto Rico, which has one of the richest boxing traditions around the globe,” said Golden Boy Promotions Chairman and CEO Oscar De La Hoya. “Our new partnership will include Miguel’s upcoming fights; working with Miguel Cotto Promotions’ talented stable of fighters; and revitalizing boxing in Puerto Rico.”

“I’m very proud to establish a tremendous partnership with Golden Boy Promotions and Oscar,” said Cotto, who is shooting for his sixth world title on August 27th. “It couldn’t work better — from a boxer to a boxer. We share the same mentality and language of the sport and the business. We will create the perfect opportunities for the sport of boxing and the fans.”

“It’s a big pleasure to work together with Golden Boy Promotions,” said Hector Soto, Vice President of Miguel Cotto Promotions. “We’ve always had a great relationship beyond boxing with them for more than 10 years. We look forward to make the best fights and best shows for the fans.”

Jarrett Hurd vs Austin Trout Looks To Be Happening Soon!

Jarrett Hurd’s first title defense looks to be a lot tougher fight than it was against Tony Harrison to win the vacant IBF title, but Hurd is very capable of winning it.

Hurd and Austin Trout have agreed to a summertime fight for Hurd’s IBF junior middleweight title. The date and time is not set, but the MGM National Harbor In Oxon Hill, MD could be a prime location!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sergey Kovalev Holds Media Day Workout In Preparation For Ward vs Kovalev 2!

Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev – Former WBO, WBA and IBF Light Heavyweight World Champion.

“I don’t like this guy [Ward] and I want to punish him because he puts his nose really up right now. He knows that he lost.”

“I don’t care if [Ward] shows respect to me or not. I know only one thing: I will kick his ass! I want to destroy him. I want to destroy this guy as a boxer, as a champion. For me he is not a champion, he’s a fake champion. He lives right now with this status; he’s a fake champion. He believes in his victory over me and right now he’s trying to get belief of people of this victory. It’s wrong, for me, it’s wrong.”

“It’s not the first fight where I’m angry, I’m always angry when I am fighting, but last two fights were very disappointing for me. Right now, at this point, I am feeling good and I feel not any problem to get back my belts.”

“I was ‘over-trained’ for my first fight against Andre Ward. I did three workouts a day. I tried to do everything faster and stronger. Instead of running five miles, I did eight miles. I did more than I usually do all the time. I over-trained.”

“My preparation right now is doing great, much better than last time because I took care of all the mistakes I did in my last two fights. In those two last fights, I was over-trained, for Chilemba and for Ward, and I fought similar, you saw already. But this training camp I am doing everything very good.”

“Nothing changed with John David Jackson. We are doing same as usual. I just got over-trained last time with physical conditioning, but with boxing we’re doing the same, boxing, sparring, mitts. I do same as I did last fight [with John]; I don’t think I need to change something. I just to get back what gave me success. My two last fights were really not good and I delete these mistakes and I delete this [physical conditioning] coach from my training camps, he’s not a coach that helps me right now.”

“I am happy what’s happening around me, I mean in training camp, my family, my life and my boxing. That I have no belts is for me new motivation to kick more ass because he does not deserve these belts. This is gift for him from the judges for Christmas and Christmas already finished and belts should be back with me.”

How hard does Ward hit?

“One day in my hometown Chelyabinsk one day a girl, 25-years old, slapped me on my shoulder then Andre Ward punched me in the fight it was same. I didn’t feel any hard punches from him. I didn’t feel his uppercut and so I didn’t block his uppercut. I didn’t feel this punch but judges counted this punch. It is touches it is not punches. Punches is punches his was like a tap. Judges counted any tapping as punches.”

Did you watch a tape of the fight?

“I tried but I saw only six rounds. I don’t have patience to watch it. For me it’s much easier to fight than to watch it.”

“I think I should knock him out and I must to knock him out to get my belts back because anything can happen but I believe in judges. I think first fight they made mistakes but right now there will be other judges, not the same. I think they’re gonna be fair and honest to count our fight.”

Why didn’t you finish him in the second round when you knocked him down?

“I thought that if knock down can happen [once], it can happen again. I tried not to rush. But I didn’t know that my energy will finish in the fifth round. In the fifth round, I lost the speed, I lost the energy and I was empty, 100% empty. My body fought because my heart doesn’t say stop. I’ll be like fighting until I die. Andre Ward got like four rounds of victory with empty Kovalev, we’ll see what happens on June 17. I think will be everything on my side.”

What does this fight mean for your legacy?

“Everything. I want to live from this point of the boxing. It’s the highest level in the boxing. HBO Pay-Per-View was my dream someday be on this level. Everything this fight means to me.”

How do you stay focused at this point?

“It’s my job. I’m boxing since I am 11 years old and nothing can break me. Nothing, only kill me. If somebody will kill me, yes I will stop boxing. If I am still alive, you know I will do my job. God bless me and I have to fight and I’m ready for June 17, to get my belts back.”

“I want to prove that he didn’t deserve these belts and I want to get my belts back. It’s my goal. I want to punish Andre Ward too because he doesn’t deserve this money, these belts, this status and to be champion. He’s not champion. In my eyes, he’s not champion.”

“I have more motivation right now than first fight because I have a goal. Last fight I just had a test. Can I fight Andre Ward or no? But right now, I understand that yes, I can fight Andre Ward and I can beat him. Right now, I have a goal: to get belts back. It’s more to motivate me than any test.”

“My goal was, and still is, to collect all four belts. I got three and left to get just one. Right now, Andre Ward’s in my way to this goal and I should move him from my way to my goal. First of all, I must get back my belts. We’ll see what will happen after this.”

John David Jackson – Sergey Kovalev’s Trainer

What are your impressions of Ward from the first fight?

“He’s an intelligent fighter. We knew that going in. I’m not too impressed with much more than that. The fact that he didn’t get hit with a flush punch from Sergey, if it was a solid shot, he might not have gotten up. So, if I had to be impressed with anything I’d say it was the fact that he went the distance. He got up in the second half of the fight, he made the fight closer than it should have been, not close to where he should have got a decision, but I was impressed that he did get up and survive.”

There’s been a lot of talk in the aftermath of the last fight. Has that been a distraction to Sergey in training camp?

“I doubt that there’s been any distractions for Sergey from the last fight. He realizes that he lost the fight, not outright, but the judges didn’t give him the decision so you must accept that; it’s part of boxing and he must move on. I think that he’s accepted it and now he just wants to get his belts back.”

What adjustments do you expect Ward to make?

“In the first fight, he did just enough to survive and somehow the judges gave him the decision; he has to be Superman in the second fight. He has to be more aggressive, with less movement and he has to be willing to trade with Sergey. Can he do that? Maybe he can, but will he do it? I doubt that. That’s not his style. Most people have said now that Ward has survived the first fight, he solved the riddle of Sergey Kovalev. I highly doubt that because this wasn’t the best of Sergey Kovalev that you could have seen, not the second half of the fight. I think Andre has to do more than Sergey does to be even more successful in this second go round. Can he do that? We’ll find out on June 17.”

Sergey said he was over-trained in his physical training. You were in Big Bear, did you notice a difference?

“I noticed that this time around his conditioning coach was a bit different. He has him resting more. The other coach had him doing a lot of things that to me were unnecessary. I don’t get in the way of the conditioning coach’s job and I’m not doing that with this guy, but he seemed more interested in keeping Sergey a little more relaxed and not over-training. If we can just do that, he’s on course. For the next two weeks, if we do the same thing, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

Monday, May 29, 2017

Amateur And Professional Boxing Shows In The Beltway Boxing Area!

This weekend will be a great one for local boxing fans. You have back to back nights of boxing from both the amateur and professional sides. A amateur show kicks off on Friday night June 2nd. The Potomac Valley "PVA" will be hosting FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS at the HOWARD THEATRE.

Taking over on Saturday night, June 3rd Kings Promotions will be back in town once again at the Rosecroft Raceway in Fort Washington, MD.

Their professional boxing card is loaded with hometown up and coming boxers! The undefeated Kings Promotions fighter "The Professor" Myke Fox will be the main-event following a talented group of fighters on the undercard including Justin Hurd, Luther "Lights Out" Smith, Greg "Sharp Shooter" Outlaw Marcus Bates, Tyrek Irby, Jordan Peters, and Malik Loften making his professional debut.

Tickets are still available for both shows.