Monday, August 20, 2012

The Person Behind A Great fighter

Great coaching is the key behind a great fighter. Even the best skilled fighters need great coaching. 

The most important factor behind improving a fighters boxing ability is a great trainer. Having the knowledge and experience is the key, but it takes more than just knowing everything. The great coach knows when it's time to step outside the box and create a team that will bring out the best in a fighter. Different coaching styles make a team. 

The Friend. This person is often the fighter's first coach, father, or older brother. This is the person that knows the fighter the most. They know exactly how the fighter feels, the habits, when the fighter needs water, and how the fighter likes their hands wrapped. This is the coach that believes in the fighter till the very end. 

The Strategist. This is the coach that has trained many fighters and world champions. 
This coach knows how to give his fighter the best fight plan. He is inside the ring with the fighter during workouts. He works the mitts and make the adjustments the fighter needs. He is very technical, He teaches counter-styles for every boxing style. This is the corner man that the fighter listens to during each fight.

The Strength and Conditioning Coach. This is the person that brings out the hard work ethics in the fighter. The person with the stop watch. He takes no excuses from the fighter. He tells the fighter when to run, what to eat, and watches every minute of the fighters workout.

All the great fighters who became world champions had a team that brought out the best in them. It's up to the fighter to make the wise decision of creating the team that will push him or her to the top. 

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