Friday, November 9, 2012

Tony "Mo Better" Jeter 15th Win and Counting

"Mo Better" is the correct ring name for Tony Jeter. When he won his WBC Fecarbox Middleweight Title it seemed as if Tony would be content in his career with a 30th ranking on his resume. He says that would be a great story to tell his children and maybe grandchildren someday. "I would love to be able to say I was one of the best middleweight fighters, out of thousands". 

On October 27,2012 this is when the name "Mo Better" earned it's credit. Tony Jeter came into the Patriot Center and put on the best boxing performance of his entire career. Jeter says he trained harder for this fight than any fight he ever trained for. "They picked me to lose, but I didn't take this fight to lose or just to get a paycheck. Don't get me wrong I like Jimmy but when the bell rings, i'm going to kick his ass". 
The referee of that fight was the well known Steve Smoger. Smoger made his presents felt during the entire bout. He took 4 points away from Jeter for low blows and even had a few harsh words for Jeter's corner at the end of the early rounds of the fight. Jeter didn't let Smoger   take his focus from the fight. Jeter's corner was yelling out to Tony, "go to the head, go to the head, upstairs, upstairs, leave the body alone". Jeter seemed to be focused on the task at hand by pounding away at Langes body.
The game plan the Jeter camp put together for this fight was the perfect one for Lange. Talking to Jeter, he says that he thought that Jimmy Lange would be fighting a different type of fight than he fought. Tony says "I was surprised when I was able to walk straight into Jimmy's chest and land all the shots I landed. When I saw that I was able to do that so I knew I was going to dominate him".  Tony Jeter fought a totally different kind of fight than he has ever fought, and was able to get the split decision victory over Jimmy Lange. The judges score cards read: Bill Osterman 91-94, Mark D'Attilio 93-92, Brian Costello 94-91.

Photos by: JM Photography

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