Wednesday, January 2, 2013


2012 has been a very busy year for the Beltway Boxing area. This year there were fight cards scheduled almost if not every month. A lot of those cards had boxers that are named in this years Beltway Boxing 2012 awards. With that being said, this year Juan Marshall along with Gary "Digital" Williams  decided to give out awards to the winners in the following categories:

Rookie of the Year
Prospect of the Year
Knockout of the Year
Bout of the Year
Card of the Year
Boxer of the Year

This year awards will be given out only because of the consistency of the fight cards, and the high volume of new professional boxers this year. Boxing hasn't been this active in the Beltway Boxing area in over 20 years.

You can go to Gary "Digital" Williams blog for the most recent posting of the winners in some of the categories listed above. Gary has been posting day to day updates.

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