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All About Mike Reed!

Mike Reed - Biography
Mike Reed is a professional boxer, who was born in Washington, D.C., on January 12, 1993. Reed’s involvement in boxing began with the story of his father, trainer, and manager, Michael “Buck” Pinson. As a young teenager, Michael Pinson was involved in many neighborhood street fights. A family friend witnessed one of the fights, and brought him to Finley’s boxing gym in Washington, D.C., currently known as Nomis. The first time Pinson sparred in the gym, he outworked a boxer with 31 fights of amateur experience. He enjoyed the sparring, but not the conditioning aspect of his boxing training; therefore, he was unable to capitalize on his own boxing talent.
Pinson would soon realize his talent as a boxing trainer. He is the current owner and operator of Dream Team Boxing Gym, located in Clinton, Maryland. In addition to training his son at Dream Team, Pinson trains boxers of all ages and abilities. Dream Team also serves as the home gym for heavyweight professional boxing standout, Seth “Mayhem” Mitchell. In addition to his boxing activities, Pinson is employed as a full-time, cement truck driver.
Historically, Reed’s family demonstrated athletic prowess. He has four brothers, three older and one younger. One of his brothers, Tyrell Newton, had a successful, six-year amateur boxing career, including an appearance in the finals of the Washington, D.C. Golden Gloves. Victor Brown, who also trained in the boxing gym, did not compete like Newton, but played football at H.D. Woodson High School in Washington, D.C. A third brother, Tommy Reed, did not train in the gym with his brothers, but played football at Friendship Edison Collegiate Academy High School. His youngest brother, Miguel Pinson, is two years old. Reed’s mother, Wanda Reed, was a cheerleader in high school, and providing support for her son at his events. Reed’s grandfather and uncles also trained at the boxing gym, but did not compete.
When Tyrell Newton initiated his boxing training, Pinson volunteered to work with him. When he was ten years old, Mike Reed was involved in playing organized football and basketball. In order to compete with his brother, Reed also began his boxing training lessons with Pinson. Reed wasn't afraid to compete in the ring, but Pinson saw that his son had difficulty relying on his learned boxing skills.
Reed lost his first four amateur fights. He decided to focus solely on boxing, and went on to win his next sixteen fights in a row. Pinson vowed that he would continue to push Reed to box, as long as there was balance between his son’s boxing training and school performance. Reed moved with his family to Waldorf, Maryland, where he would eventually graduate from Westlake High School. Pinson’s father-son relationship with Reed strengthened through their boxer-trainer relationship.
As an amateur boxer, Reed won the 2005 National Silver Gloves Championship, 2005 National Ringside World Championship, 2007 National Ringside World Championships, and 2009 Junior Olympic Nationals Championship. He was a 2010 U.S. Championship Nationals Silver Medalist, 2010 National PAL Bronze Medalist, 2011 National Golden Gloves Champion, 2011 U.S. Championships Bronze Medalist. Reed was a 2011 Olympic Trials Participant, but fell short of qualifying for the U.S. Olympic team in London. He won the 2012 Regional Golden Gloves Outstanding Boxer award. Reed has competed in Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, New York, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Texas. His overall amateur record was 90-13.
Mike Reed decided to turn professional in 2013, rather than target the 2016 Olympic games. Reed’s father had concerns regarding changes in amateur boxing rules removing headgear in competition. Pinson also felt Reed’s style of boxing was more suitable to the pro ranks. On March 2, 2013, Reed made his pro debut at Rosecroft Raceway in Fort Washington, Maryland. He defeated Kareem McFarland by TKO in the first round. Reed is a smaller boxer, but has skills necessary to fight well on the inside. His defensive skills, fast hands, and solid ring generalship help make him a well-rounded boxer.  
Mike Reed earned the nickname “Yes Indeed” from a substitute teacher in the ninth grade, Robert Carroll. Carroll watched a video of Reed in an amateur boxing fight and suggested the nickname because he showed ability to dominate his opponent. Reed’s goals in the sport of boxing include winning world titles and making the most of his athletic abilities. He attends the College of Southern Maryland in La Plata, Maryland. He enjoys math, and is studying to be an accountant.

Fast Facts – Mike Reed           

Nickname: Yes Indeed
Pro Record: 4-0, with 3 KOs
Height: 5'6
Fight Weight: 135lbs-140 lbs
Date of birth: 1/12/1993
Nationality: American
City born: Washington D.C.
High School: Westlake High School
Current boxing gym: Dream Team Boxing Gym (Clinton, MD)
Manager/Trainer: Michael “Buck” Pinson (his father)
Favorite food: omelets
Favorite movie: Step Brothers
Favorite TV shows: Suits, Dexter, Necessary Roughness
Favorite type of music: Hip Hop
Favorite musical artists: Jay-Z
Favorite boxers to watch in the ring: Andre Ward, Adrien Broner, Miguel Cotto
Favorite book: The Alex Rider Series of Books
Favorite non-boxing athlete to watch: Kobe Bryant, Bryce Harper
Hobbies: Bowling

(Photos by Juan Marshall)

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