Friday, October 24, 2014

Results From The Keystone Boxing Card At Rosecroft Raceway!

Bout #1 
Mario Flores vs Marcellus Yates
In a four round contest Mario Flores got the best of round one by landing a number of combinations that seemed to bother Marcellus Yates. Much of round two and three were the same as Flores continued to land the harder and better punches. In the last round both fighters landed shots seconds after each other to knock their mouth pieces out. The fighters made round four a pretty even round. Flores gets the split decision win. Judges scored the bout 39-37 for Yates and 39-37 twice for Flores.

Flores improves to 6-1-2, (4 KO's) while Yates starts his professional career 0-1.

Bout #2
Marcus Bates vs Edgardo Marin
In the opening of round one Bates and Marin had an even exchange of punches, but Bates landed the harder shots. Marin entered round 2 with a little more power on his shots, but the round seemed to be very much even. Round three started as a round of counter punches with Bates winning that round by sending Marin to the canvas twice. Bates came out in the forth and final round and started landing hard body shots and finished with a combination to the head of Marin and sent him to the canvas for the final time. Referee Ken Chevalier stopped the contest at 1:08 giving Marcus Bates the victory by KO.

Bates improve to 3-0-1, (3 KO's) while Marin falls to 0-3-1.

Bout #3
Shaborn Ryals vs David Rohn
Shaborn Ryals showed his power very early in the first and only round of this planned four round contest. Ryals sent Rohn to the canvas twice with hard left hooks to the head. The second trip to the canvas made referee Ken Chevalier put a halt to the bout at 1:04 of round one.

Shaborn Ryals improves to 3-0, (1 KO) while David Rohn falls to 0-3-1.

Bout #4
Cobia Breedy vs Thomas Herrera
Breedy started his professional career with much confidence. He showed to be much faster than the sixteen fight veteran Herrera. Herrera came into round two landing some power shots that slowed Breedy down for a brief moment, but Breedy ended the round very strong. The third round was a tough round for both fighters. They were exchanging blow for blow that ended up with each fighter having cuts over their right eyes. In the final round Breedy landed a right hand that staggered Herrera and sent him to the canvas for a eight count. Judges scored the bout 40-35 twice and 40-36 all for your winner by unanimous decision Cobia Breedy.

Cobia Breedy starts his career 1-0 while Herrera fall to 3-13-1,(1 KO).

Bout #5
Patrick Harris vs Jeffrey Ramos
Harris came into round one looking to counter punch Ramos, but changed back to basic boxing by using his jab with success. In round two the fighters seemed to be very much even by landing hard body and head shots on each other. Round three both fighters spent most of the time in the center of the ring exchanging combinations. In the forth and final round Harris was the busier fighter by landing body shots and some head shots that gave him the majority decision win. Judges scored the bout 39-37 twice and 38-38.

Harris moves to 3-0, (2 KO's) while Ramos falls to 3-3, (2 KO's).

Bout #6
6 Rounds
Venroy July vs Tony Ferrante
Round one opened as a round where both fighters were figuring each other out. Ferrante's corner told him to come out more aggressive, and that's what he did. Ferrante found his distance and  landed a hard straight right hand that landed on the chin of Venroy to send him to the canvas. Venroy tried to recover but could not. The referee Brent Bovell saw that July fell back to the canvas and put a stop to the bout at 1:26 of round two giving Tony Ferrante the win by KO.

Venroy July falls to 16-2-3, (6 KO's) while Ferrate improve to 14-6-0, (8 KO's).

Bout #7
6 Rounds
Kevin Rivers Jr. vs Karl Garcia-Rios
Rivers was the busier fighter in round one by working his jab to find his distance, but in the second he pressed a little harder by adding more power to his punches. In round three Rivers landed hard body shots that forced Garcia-Rios to move backwards. Rivers started and finished the forth and fifth rounds just as strong as he did the third by landing more hard body shots that moved Garcia-Rios backwards again. Rivers kept the pressure up in the final round, but this time he landed most of his shots to the head of Garcia-Rios. Referee Ken Chevalier stepped in and stopped the bout at 2:19 giving Kevin Rivers Jr. the TKO victory.

Rivers move to 10-0, (7 KO's) and Karl Garcia-Rios falls to 4-3, (1 KO).

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