Saturday, December 20, 2014

Peterson Camp Preparation Before Fight Time!

The Headbangers gym is where the Petersons work to prepare for each and every fight they are in. Yes "WORK"! It's their job and their life. Older of the two, Lamont Peterson, IBF Jr. Welterweight Champion and younger brother Anthony Peterson spend hours preparing for the unknown opponents they will be facing. This is why they spend hours in the gym because a call could come at any moment from their manager Al Haymon.

Anthony Peterson has been preparing for a 10 round bout with  Hector Velazquez on Dec. 20th at the Little Creek Casino Resort in Shelton, WA. Leading up to this fight it's a lot of pre-fight things that need to be done. For example Peterson has to be able to make the contracted weight for the fight. His workout is planned to get him in condition and to get his weight down without losing strength and quickness.

It is also important to build up the fight by holding media workouts so the fans can have more detailed information about the fighters for the upcoming bout. The week of the fight Team Peterson prepares to travel to the location of the fight. This particular fight they traveled by airplane.

The day before the fight is called weigh-ins. Anthony has to pass all the physical and medical exams given by the Boxing Commision of the state before weighing in. After the weigh-ins are done Anthony can rehydrate his body and rest before the bout take place the next day.

For this bout older brother Lamont gets to sit back and enjoy seeing Anthony from ringside.He looks forward to seeing all his brothers' hard work in the gym payoff. Lamont was asked if he ever thought about being in his brothers corner and his response was "No I rather be in the seats cheering him on and if I see something he needs to do I might yell it out, but other than that I'll be a fan".

(Photos courtesy of Team Peterson)

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