Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Inside Look At The Life Of Lamont Peterson!

Tonight the Beltway Boxing fans will have the opportunity to take a look into the life of Lamont Peterson outside of the ring. The fans all know how hard he works inside the ring because he is the current IBF Junoir Welterweight Champion of the world. It takes a lot of dedication to the sport of boxing to become a world champion. Lamont Peterson opened up his personal life for the NBC Sports Network to film his life outside of training. The show is called Corner to Corner. This is a huge part of being a world champion on the highest level of professional boxing. It is a lot of extra things you have to sacrifice.

Tonight tune in at 10pm on Fios (Verizon) channel 590 so the fans can see what IBF Junior Welterweight Champion Lamont Peterson's life is like.

Also the special will include his opponent Danny Garcia and two other fighters that will be part of the April 11th card in New York.

(Photo by Wallace Barron)

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