Friday, December 18, 2015


The HEADBANGERS Boxing Family, HEADBANGERS Promotions, Inc., Anthony and Lamont Peterson, Head Trainer Barry Hunter and a host of others, will provide Christmas once again this year for a very special family. 

WHEN: Saturday, December 19th, 12 noon at the Bald Eagle Boxing Annex 100 Joliet Street S.E. Washington, D.C. 

For the past two years the HEADBANGERS Boxing Family has provided Christmas for families in need. This year they have decided to select one very deserving family, the Foster Family from Maryland.

“For us it is more than just giving back it’s about helping people that deserve to be helped,” said Former IBF Junior Welterweight Champion Lamont Peterson.

HEADBANGERS heard the story on “The Tom Joyner Morning Show” of a young woman Janell Foster who is currently raising seven children, three of her own and four of her sister’s children, while also attending law school.

Her older sister, Keisha went missing earlier this year along with her 4-year-old daughter and infant son.  It turns out that the husband abducted them and later let the children go but tragically murdered the mother. Sadly, after hearing the news Janell’s father went into shock and died later that night of a cardiac arrest. The husband was subsequently convicted of Keisha’s murder a short time later.

Janell was left with the burden of paying for 2 funerals and now raising seven children on her own. This will be the first holiday without her father and her sister – and the kid’s first Christmas without their mom. HEADBANGERS felt more than compelled to help.

They contacted the Foster Family and asked for a wish list for all seven of the children. This coming Saturday, December 19th at the HEADBANGERS Gym, the family will be provided with the entire contents of the wish list.

“HEADBANGERS is not just about boxing it is a way of life” said Barry Hunter, Head Trainer. “We truly believe that we were placed here and put in this situation to help those in need."