Monday, October 17, 2016


PAFT had the opportunity to do a video interview with Swift Jarrett Hurd in 2013. During that time Jarrett was 4-0 and getting ready for his fifth fight.

Some might ask why am I posting this article about Jarrett Hurd. My answer to you is, he is a example of one blue print a up and coming fighter can use to work their way up in the sport of boxing.

Taking the right fights to give yourself an opportunity to move forward. Even if you are on the B side take advantage of it. The risk is worth the reward!

On November 14, 2015 Jarrett stole the spotlight from a up and coming fighter named Frank Galarza with a impressive TKO win. That win gave him another opportunity to fight another up and coming opponent named Oscar Molina on June 25, 2016. Hurd also defeated Molina by TKO. He currently is still currently undefeated with a record of (18-0, 12 KO's) and is getting ready for his next live televised bout on Nov.12th on the SpikeTV network.

The Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas have many other fighters that are moving the right way but are not getting the opportunities to advance and fight against opponents that will let them be known like they deserve.

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