Sunday, December 4, 2016

Results From Opening Day Of The Silver Gloves 2017!

Here are the results from day one of the 2017 Silver Gloves Boxing Tournament held this past Saturday at Rosecroft Raceway in Fort Washington, MD!

55 lb Age 8-9 Championship Bout
Sa'Mari Everette (Upton) defeated Keith Perry (Woodland Tigers)

70 lb Age 8-9 Championship Bout
Marcus Luther (Headbangers) defeated Amir Lee (Oxon Hill)

80 lb Age 12-13 Championship Bout
Lonzo Malcolm (Untouchables) defeated Jordan Roach (No Xcuse)

132 lb Age 14-15 Championship Bout
Stacey Selby (No Xcuse) defeated J'Ol Lee (Nomis)

165 lb Age 14-15 Championship Bout
Michael Tymas III (No Xcuse) defeated Malik Jackson (Last Round) RSC KO

60 lb Bracket Age 8-9 Pharaoh Hamilton  Unopposed

112 lb Bracket Age 14-15 Deric Davis (Headbangers) Unopposed

*Advancing to day two of the tournament with wins, Saturday 10, 2016 

Age 10-11

65 lb Bracket
Cardarius Johnson *(Headbangers) defeated Zabreon Brown (Keystone)

75 lb Bracket
Jeremiah Jimason *(Oxon Hill) defeated Isaiah Belton (Tony's Gym) RSC TKO

75 lb Bracket
Richard Dodson *(Keystone) defeated Nieem Sommerville (Upton)

85 lb Bracket
Damari Philson *(No Xcuse) defeated Taaji Ellison (Upton)

Age 12-13

95 lb Bracket
Samuel Edmonds *(Headbangers) defeated Malachi Wells (Upton) RSC TKO

100 lb Bracket
Tyreek Williams* defeated Isaiah Koroma (Sugar Ray Leonard Gym)

106 lb Bracket
Tyreece Johnson *(Headbangers) defeated Jaylen InMan (Sugar Ray Leonard Gym) RSC TKO

Age 14-15

125 lb Bracket 
Ibrahim Robinson* defeated Timothy Key (Last Round) RSC TKO

First Day BYE. They will fight on day two of the Tournament:

Age 10-11

65 lb Justin Johnson (Tony's Boxing Gym)
85 lb Joshua Briggs (Oxon Hill)

Age 12-13

95 lb Anthony Wheeler (No Xcuse)
100 lb William Luther (Headbangers)
106 lb Joseph Gordon (Keystone)
119 lb Lawrence Malcolm (Keystone)
119 lb Markarius Brooks (tony's Boxing Gym)

Age 14-15

125 lb Khamari Ruffin (Dream Team)
125 lb Dennis Zeigler (Langdon)

The second day of the 2017 Silver Gloves Tournament will take place this Saturday, December 10, 2016 at the Rosecroft Raceway. 
First bout starts at 1:00 pm. 

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