Thursday, October 16, 2014

Beltway Fighters Prepare For Hometown And Out Of Town Fight Cards!

The Beltway Boxing area is closing out October and going into November with a very busy fight schedule!

Gary "Digital" Williams has posted a more detailed fight schedule of the hometown fight cards and the fighters that will be heading out of town to be a part other fight cards. 

Go to
to see a more updated list of local cards and find out which local fighters will be leaving the area to fight.

The Beltway Boxing area is so full of great talent. It would be unfair to create a list without leaving someone out. Keep going to Boxing Along The Beltway and ProAmFightTalk to keep up with all the news and updates of all the fighters careers inside and outside the ring. 

From: Gary "Digital" William
"Keep Supporting The Best Boxing In The World, The Boxing Along The Beltway" Take Care!

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