Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Amateur And Professional Referee Brent Bovell Has A Recognizable Career!

When you dedicate yourself to learning as much as possible the day will come when you are asked to teach!

Brent Smoothref Bovell is a official and referee in both amateur and professional boxing. On the amateur side, he's certified by USA Boxing and (AIBA) International Boxing Association. In the professional ranks he judges and referee bouts in Washington, DC and the state of Maryland. Brent currently has over 2200 amateur fights, and some of those took place in, Ireland, Russia and the Ukraine and 152 professional fights, with most being in the state of Md. 

He is a member of the referee/judges commission for USA Boxing and they have invited Brent Bovell out to Colorado Springs, CO to teach a workshop to judges and chief of officials from August 3-6th. 

Brent Bovell:
"It's a wonderful opportunity,  and honor for a representative of PVA to be called to do this."

Congratulations to Brent for all his outstanding work in the sport of amateur and professional boxing.

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