Sunday, May 12, 2013

"Double Trouble" Fits The McRae vs Benson Bout!!!!

Tempers were high leading up to the bout between heavyweights Dwayne McRae of Columbia, MD and Dennis Benson of Norfolk, VA. At the weigh-ins both McRae and Benson stood nose to nose in a hard stare down before being pulled apart. The tension spilled over into the ring on fight night. Benson entered the ring first, waiting in the blue corner. McRae entered the ring on the red corner side and proceeded to circle the ring right to left. As Benson was standing and waiting for the introduction McRae stops for a face to face with Benson. Words were exchanged and the two fighters became locked into a tight clinch before referee Bill Clancy and members from the MD State Athletic Commission pulled them apart. When both fighters were sent back to their own corners referee Bill Clancy gave stern warnings of disqualifications to both McRae and Benson. Round one began but only lasted 20 seconds before the fighters got into a clinch that referee Bill Clancy could not separate and caused him to waived the bout off. Both fighters were disqualified.

This is Dwayne McRae version on what happened:

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